Potential and Returning Clients

If you would like to work with Stacy Hixon, Licensed Professional Counselor, please carefully read below and follow any instructions.

  • You may work with Stacy through your in network insurance beginning in October (Aetna, Cigna, United health Care, Oscar Health and Oxford)

If you would like to work with Stacy, please fill out the intake forms and carefully read and understand the scheduling, cancellation and payment policies.

intake Forms:

New or returning clients (A returning client will be required to fill out a new intake form if it has been more than 6 months since the last session.)

Please complete intake forms before scheduling a session and email them to stacy@stacy hixonlpc.com. OR you may request a copy to sign electronically by emailing stacy@stacyhixonlpc.com.


Please carefully read and understand the following policy as you will also agree to these terms in your client contract.

You are responsible for scheduling your sessions. You are responsible to confirm and attend all sessions you schedule.

You may cancel a session the day prior without paying a fee if the cancellation is made by 8:00pm prior to the day of your session.

If you do not confirm your session the day prior to your session, it will be cancelled by 10:00 pm the evening prior to the scheduled session.

If you do not show up to attend the confirmed session, you will pay the full session fee.

If you do not attend two confirmed sessions, you will pay the full session fee and you will be put on a virtual “walk in” basis only.

Virtual Walk In Basis: You are no longer allowed to schedule sessions via the website. To schedule a walk in session, you must email Stacy Hixon, LPC @ stacy@stacyhixonlpc.com the day of the requested session. If there is an opening, you may schedule for that day. If there are not any availabilities for that day, you will have to try again another day. You must be 100% current on any outstanding balances to schedule a walk in session.

Please keep in mind that when you do not attend a session you scheduled and confirmed, you are not only depriving another person of access to mental health care, but you are also depriving me of the ability to effectively operate my business.

Thank you – Stacy Hixon, LPC

If you have any questions, please contact Stacy at stacy@stacyhixonlpc.com