New Clients

Please click on the following links to choose the option that best suits your needs:

Subscription Service:

Better Help, Faithful Counseling, and Regain Counseling are online subscription (no contract) platforms that Stacy works with. This option allows clients an alternative to traditional therapy. (The cost of subscription is determined by the platform and Stacy is not privy to any of your financial information regarding your subscription.)

Direct Pay:

If you would like to work with Stacy using direct pay, please follow the instructions below:

  • Please contact Stacy at to inform her of your needs.
  • All sessions are phone call or video on Google Meet, which is HIPAA compliant.
  • Session fees are $120.00 per session. (If my fees are not conducive to your finances, please email me directly at
  • Payment is expected at time of service and $25.00 is charged for all no show appointments.

Intake forms must be completed before first session.

Please use the following buttons to schedule a session and make a payment.

If you have any questions, please contact Stacy at